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I'm Rosie Devaney

An Illustrator & Graphic Designer, having studied Game Design and Graphic Design.


In Illustration I have a passion for high concept, humorous, and fantastical art. Magically absurd is really how I would describe my creative work. A great inspiration for me are the works of Jacek Yerka and Marija Turina. I am comfortable with digital painting and physical painting, the latter challenging me more and the former being a comfort zone; it ends up giving each medium it's own style. As I often find when creating anything, it's a challenge to find other artists similar to myself (If you do find something please send it on!). I think the best way to describe my work is absurdist.

As for Design, I love a challenge. I favour the idea that if it works in black and white it works in colour. I like working with brands that want to do something a little off the wall, and are willing to go outside the norms. I love getting a chance to incorporate illustrative styles into design and making big bold expressions. If this sounds like what you're looking for, send me a message!


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