Sociological Association

of Ireland

This project was made to be open, modern, and inviting with a focus on community, interconnection, and social Justice. It is a brand that is people first. 



This project was designed to reflect the scientific centred work this organisation does. The surrounding area of the organisation is very important to them and so the colours and shapes in the logo represent their building and the river nearby. 


Create fest

This project is branding an up and coming creative festival in Waterford. The theme of the festival 'Creativity in Lockdown' played a big part in the design. One thing this festival aims to do is bring different forms of creativity together and to knock down the walls as to what is creative, which is why there is mixed media within this design.


Grim's Orchard

This project was designed to be modern with a dark sense of humour aimed at millennials. There is a fun theme going through it with a dark satyrical edge. 


Wit talks

This project was aimed at secondary school students looking to start college. It is a way to help students make the right choice in regards to their college course and career. The design was made to be exciting, friendly, and interesting, appealing to students, parents, and teachers alike. 


Natural Revolt

These designs were made for the musician Dylan Phelan. His music is political and has a lot of themes of nature, with a folk-rock feel to it. 


Irish Design Forum

Getting the Picture was designed as a creative event for Irish Design. It was serious, exciting, eyecatching, and had an audience of 28 to 42 year-olds.