Creating A Style That Suits You

Updated: Mar 16

I have been drawing for longer than I can remember, but the truth is, I only hit on my style not long ago. I can do other styles of drawing and yet I feel that this is what I love to create.

An Illustration by Rosie Devaney

When this started

I created the original fineliner illustration above approximately a year ago. I still hadn't settled on a style, or at least I thought I hadn't. I was actually playing around with it, but it hadn't yet struck me that this was the style that suited me most. It wasn't until the last few months it hit home, this is it, this is the thing I've been looking for, and so I started with some old illustrations I loved and grew from there.

How Do You Find Your Style?

You're not going to like it — in fact it seems tiring and horrible, but it works. Choose a subject. Maybe it's a type of animal, maybe it's food. What I chose was the Saola, an endangered creature from Vietnam. I drew it a hundred times. Luckily it didn't take the full hundred to figure out where my style sat, but I was already playing around with the style so it wasn't too foreign for me. Try different mediums. Maybe it's watercolour, digital art, sewing, you won't know if you don't try.

Manage Your Time

Don't forget to give yourself a deadline! I can't stress how important this is. A deadline will keep you from falling off the wagon. And make sure to have a weekly goal. Maybe you plan to do three a week, maybe five, whatever the number is make time for it. Each piece you do set a timer. If you're really loving it (and you have the time) then keep going. If you hate it and the timer hasn't gone off yet, stop immediately. Give everything a try but don't waste your time on it, and don't throw anything out! If nothing else you'll see how you've evolved from the first illustration/design to the last. And don't forget; enjoy it! Go crazy, do weird compositions, have fun with it! There is no point in making it a chore.

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